My Travels With Marty

For the past eight years my Australian Kelpie, Marty, has accompanied me on almost all my photographic excursions. He has traveled thousands of miles up and down the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington as well as numerous trips to Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra, and explored parts of Utah and Arizona as well. In 2014 Mitzy, the miniature Dachshund-Poodle next to him, joined our traveling team.

Click here to see more images of Marty on location. Shown below are some highlights from our recent travels.

December 2016 on the Skagit River

During the winter months salmon return to the rivers where they were born (or planted) to spawn. At the end of this process the fish die. This is what brings lots of bald eagles to the Skagit River each year. The photograph on the left shows an eagle dining on a salmon carcass. The family of four eagles on the right includes two juvenilles who won't have their full adult plumage until they are between four and five years old.

November 2016 Trip to San Juan Island

One of the best things about living on Puget Sound is the Washington State Ferry system that connects all the islands and the Olympic Peninsula. From nearby Anacortes we can travel to the four San Juan Islands as well as Victoria BC in Canada. The photos below were taken on a day trip to Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island.

September 2016 Lake Whatcom Views

Our new home is just above Lake Whatcom on the 12th Hole of Sudden Valley Golf Course. This is the fourth largest lake in Washington: 13 miles long, 1 and a half miles wide and 350 feet deep. Shown below is our neighborhood Marina.

August 2016 Bellingham & Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker is to Bellingham as Mt. Ranier is to Seattle. On a clear day it pops up on the horizon at every hiiltop. It's glacier snow is there year-round. After a year of planning and packing, we finally arrived here in August 2016.

This photograph shows the coastal area of Bellingham and it's relationship to Mt. Baker about 50 miles to the east by the way the crow flies. Much of Bellingham, including where we live is obscurred from view by the mountains between the coast and the peak.


July 2015 Movin' On

In June I packed my studio and all my prints into a POD along with some excess furniture. Their next stop will be Bellingham, Washington. This nine hundred mile move will enable me to make the Northern Cascades, the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Peninsula my new hunting ground.

But until we sell our home in California and find a new one in Washington, my photographic work will be limited to any commercial projects that come along.

For more info, here is a link to my "Why Bellingham" page.

May 2014 Eastern Sierra Trip

When Marty and I went to the East Side in late May, I was surprised to run into enough rain and snow that all the nearby mountain pass roads were closed again. As a result we had to detour north through Nevada in order to get to our destinations. But the snow produced two memorable images: one from the Bristlecone Pine Forest, and the other a snow-capped Mt. Williamson captured near Manzanar. Both photos have been added to the Eastern Sierra Gallery, as well as my book on California's EAST SIDE.

The view on the left shows Marty snoozing under my tripod while I was waiting for the clouds to blow over while shooting Mt. Williamson near the Manzanar WWII Internment Camp Monument.

November 2013 El Capitan Sundown

The Yosemite weather forecast on November 12 called for clouds and chance of rain in the AM, but clearing in the afternoon. Marty and I left home later than usual not expecting to get much in the early hours. It wasn't until close to four o'clock that the sun finally spread over Yosemite Valley. I knew the sun was going to set directly into the face of El Capitan on this particular date, so I headed up to Tunnel View shortly after four. The residual clouds really enhanced the vistas. Click here to see a progression of six images from this evening, along with some additional commentary.

New Book "California Colors"

"California Colors" showcases recent photographs from many of the most colorful and interesting locations in California including Big Sur, San Francisco, Mendocino, the Wine Country, Yosemite and the Central Valley. Between the ocean, the mountains and the desert the light has a special quality in the California. And the four seasons add even more diversity to these locations.

This 52 page, 12" x 12" book of photographs can be viewed and purchased as a wire-bound book on heavy coated stock or can be downloaded as a FREE iPad App. A PDF version of California Colors can be viewed here online. Most of the images in this book are different from the ones in "California's EAST SIDE" book highlighted below.

New Book "California's EAST SIDE"

South of Carson City, Nevada the California State Line veers eastward and U.S. Highway 395 comes back into California. This is where the EAST SIDE begins along the West fork of the Walker River north of Bridgeport. From there Highway 395 follows the eastern slope of the Sierra down into the Mojave Desert and over the San Gabriel Mountains to East Los Angeles as Interstate 15.

This book features fifty photographs taken between the Bodie ghost town in the north and Death Valley in the south. Sites featured include Mono Lake, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Alabama Hills and numerous alpine lakes in the Bishop area. This 50 page, 12" x 12" book of photographs and travel information can be viewed and purchased as a wire-bound book on heavy coated stock or as a FREE iPad App. A PDF version of the EAST SIDE can be viewed here online.

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