In August 2016 we moved to Bellingham, Washington from California. We now live twenty miles from the Canadian border in between the Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound. Shown below are some snapshots from our new location.  

Oct. 2017 Downtown Bellingham

Bellingham has a very interesting and commercially vibrant downtown. The 1892 City Hall building is used as a Historical Museum today; while the 1927, 1500 seat, fully restored Mt. Baker Theatre is the largest performing art center north of Seattle. And Rocket Donuts is far more interesting than Dunkin'! The flag, shown with Marty, celebrates our latest thing.


Oct. 2017 WA Round-About

In the first week of October we drove over the Northern Cascades through Washington and Sherman Passes and then down into Spokane. From there we drove down into the Palouse country and Pullman, WA. Then we came home through Ellensburg, Levanworth and over Stevens Pass. As newcomers to WA we wanted to see the eastern and central parts of the state. We had hoped to see more fall color, but were about two weeks early. A few of the Larch trees at high elevations, such as on Liberty Bell peak, were turning yellow while the Palouse fields were a mixture of gold and brown.


Sept. 2017 Zodiac Schooner

In early September I joined about fifteen other folks on a three-day sail from Bellingham on the 160 foot Schooner Zodiac that was sponsored by Village Books in Fairhaven. We sailed around the San Juan Islands, spending our first night off Sand Spit State Park on Lopez Island and the second in a lagoon on Shaw Island just across from Friday Harbor. On one evening the author Jim Lynch talked about his sailing novel, "Before the Wind'. On another day the First Mate discussed Jonathan White's book on "TIDES" with us. For the benefit of my fellow sailors and the crew, I put up a web gallery of images from the cruise; Click here to view


June 2017 Artists' Point

The first day (June 30) the Forest Service opened the road up to Artists' Point, Marty and I were up there. We hiked up the ridge trail on a 70 degree day in warm soft snow. It was a great day to be in the mountains.Shown below is Mt. Baker on the left and Mt. Shuksan on the right. This is all just 65 miles from our home in Bellingham!


May 2017 Victoria BC

In late May we drove up into British Columbia and took a BC car ferry through the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island. Then we drove down to Victoria, the provincial capital, at the bottom of the island on the edge of the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. Looking back toward the US from Victoria you can see Mt. Baker, in the Cascades above Bellingham to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the south. Victoria is an old charming, distinctly Canadian, city built around a large harbor. Returning to the US we crossed the windy, turbulent Strait of San Juan de Fuca on an ocean going ferry boat, the Orca. Fortunately they let us bring our dogs into the passenger lounge for the ninety minute ride. If you're visiting the Pacific Northwest, Victoria BC is definitely worth a side trip. Click here to see more Victoria photos.


April 2017 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Just south of our home there are two large bulb farms in the Skagit Valley that grow daffodils and tulips. During the four weeks each spring when the fields are all in bloom, for a $7 fee, they allow visitors to wander among the flowers. This event draws huge crowds backing up weekend traffic for miles on I-5 from Seattle. Shown at the left is a closeup photograph featuring some of the more exotic hybrids, while the view on the right features more convetional varieties.


April 2017 Trip to Orcas Island.

Orcas is the largest of the San Juan Islands and it has the most diverse topography, highlighted by 2,400 foot tall Mt. Moran in the middle of a State Park that also includes numerous waterfalls and two good-sized lakes. The island is directly west of Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island. It is a horse-shoe shaped island with a peninsula down the middle separting East Sound from West Sound. The extensive shoreline is a delight for boaters in the summertime. Shown below is the ferry landing in Orcas Village and a picturesque farm.



January 2017 Reifel Sanctuary

About 40 miles north of our home in Delta, British Columbia, there is a large wildlife sanctuary where the Fraser River flows into the Strait of Georgia just south of Vancouver. It's home to numerous waterfowl year round, plus lots of seasonal migrating visitors. The Wood Ducks on the left are the only ducks with claws on their feet for nesting in trees. The Blue Heron is an adult male in breeding plumage. On the right is a very curious male Ring-Necked duck.


December 2016 on the Skagit River

During the winter months salmon return to the rivers where they were born (or planted) to spawn. At the end of this process the fish die. This is what brings lots of Bald Eagles to the Skagit River each year. The photograph on the left shows an eagle dining on a salmon carcass. On the right is a pair of Bald Eagles with two juveniles.


December 2016 Lake Whatcom

Just a few blocks from our house there is a five acre dog park on the shore of Lake Whatcom. Here Marty and Mitzy are enjoying the winter snow on a bright sunny day.


November 2016 Trip to San Juan Island

One of the best things about living on Puget Sound is the Washington State Ferry system that connects all the islands and the Olympic Peninsula. From nearby Anacortes we can travel to the four San Juan Islands as well as Victoria BC in Canada. The photo on the left was taken as were leaving Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island. On the right is Lime Kiln Light.


October 2016 Lake Whatcom Views

Our new home is just above Lake Whatcom on the 12th Hole of Sudden Valley Golf Course. This is the fourth largest lake in Washington: 13 miles long, 1 and a half miles wide and 350 feet deep. Shown below are two shots taken from our Marina. The Trumpeter Swans came to visit during their winter migration.


September 2016 Bellingham Views

Whatcom Creek flows out of the Lake above and is the principal source of water for the city of Bellingham. The falls below is in a Park on our way to town. The mountain on the right, Mt. Shuksan, is about 65 miles east of Bellingham. It has glacier snow on it's summit year-round.


Eating Out in Bellingham

One of our favorite restaurants is located right on the Squalicom Yacht Harbor. In the evening you can watch the sun setting from almost every table in this three-tiered restaurant. Anthony's is part of a northwest restaurant group that processes all it's own seafood.